July 20, 2016

i-ADS NZ – Premier Google Partners

i-ADS NZ have officially been named as a Premier Google Partner in Australia!

In this industry and has a full circle digital agency, this is one of the highest accreditations and achievements and the team here at i-ADS NZ couldn’t be prouder.

With Google always being the forefront and go to for online marketing these days, i-ADS NZ have worked tirelessly for our clients in creating growth and success across all Google platforms, being AdWords, SEO, Remarketing, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads, Display Advertising etc. As a large agency in Australia, our clients’ success has not gone unnoticed. Google regularly review our campaigns and due our expert full circle digital marketing strategies, campaign results and overall growth as an agency, Premier Google Partnership was awarded to i-ADS NZ!

There are huge benefits of i-ADS NZ becoming a Premier Google Partner and only adds more value to our clients. Such benefits include;

  • Regular Google product training
  • Additional AdWords support
  • Access to intimate data
  • Access to BETA tests
  • Latest industry news and updates
  • Industry educational events
  • Promotions and client offers

The team at i-ADS NZ would like to thank our clients and partners for their continued commitment and looking forward to continued growth with i-ADS NZ as a Premier Google Partner!

Discover Your Uniqueness with i-ADS NZ.

i-ADS NZ - Premier Google Partner